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we would like to thank all of our awesome staff for their hard work this past year. Day in, day out - our team have given their all despite many working from home, and it has notgone unnoticed Hopefully we will be able to return to working together soon.
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High- value items.
High-value items such as Telescope Accessories/Equipment need to be protected at all costs, which is why this ficases and enclosures customer has opted for our cases and custom #CNC foam inserts for their items to slot in securely.
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bbc Entertainment game shows
Our cases are the new stars of the show The upcoming BBC1 game show, Chase the Case hosted by @mrdanwalker, have recently ordered some of @cases and enclosures C203 Aluminium Cases and will be the star of the show! The program is a new "strategy game show" in which 5 contestants have to trade genera
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It does exactly what the name indicates – height gauges measure the height of an item/workpiece. It is a measuring tool which operates with a sliding measuring stylus and moves along a vertical axis relative to a measuring scale on a beam. As the stylus slides up/down, the reading will move up
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CNC custom foam for scientific instruments
the case perfect for shipping out to customers and ensures safe and secure storage for the equipment.The A012 case is the ideal size for transporting goods and creates an attractive storage solution.For more information on our CNC custom foam service please contact one of our product specialists.
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