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Basket for Allendale 36 Litre Ultrasonics

  • Ningbo, China

  • Box

  • L/C, T/T

  • US-BA-XL-36L

  • China

  • Basket

  • Stainless Steel

  • New

  • Non-Customized

  • Weight (grams): 1320.0000

  • Allendale

    Key Features
    • Wire Mesh Basket- Will help minimise/reduce ultrasonic hot spots during the cleaning process
    • Correct Propagation- By suspending the item away from the base of the ultrasonic bath you will allow for correct propagation during the ultrasonic cleaning cycle
    • Delicate Items- Reduces the cavitation effect to facilitate a milder cleaning action for delicate items
    • Cleaning Basket- Basket Dimensions: L: 450mm x W: 280mm x H: 140mm
    • Height including feet- 180mm
    • Convenient handles hang over the edge of the tank to suspend the whole basket off the bottom of the tank.
    Basket for Allendale 36 Litre Ultrasonics

    Basket for Allendale 36 Litre Ultrasonics


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