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Aoyue 968A+ PCB Work Station

  • SI-968A

  • Aoyue

  • SI-968A

  • SI-968A

  • Ningbo

  • Security Package

  • TT

  • 1046

ESD Safe, Multi function work station - With Hot air gun, 70W Soldering Iron and Fume Extractor. Digital Hot Air Gun Temperature Setting - With touch type control, for setting accurate temperatures between 100 degreesC - 480 degreesC. Also displays Actual Temperature. Knob Type Soldering iron Temperature Control - For efficient working temperature selection Soldering Iron Fume Extraction - With two carbon filters supplied. Soldering Iron Temperature Feedback - Flashing LED informs user that the Soldering Iron has reached it's set temperature. Auto Cool-off mode - Starts to blow cold air when the hot air is switched off until reaching a temperature of 95 degreesC, ensuring safety and prolonging life of the heating element. Please Note - Only one air function can be supplied by the diaphragm pump at a time. This means that the Soldering Iron Fume Extraction cannot be used at the same time as the Hot Air Gun. Kit Contents: Aoyue 968A+ Work Station Hot Air Gun Range of Air Nozzles Soldering Iron with Smoke Absorber Soldering Iron Stand with Solder Reel Holder (solder not included). Soldering Iron power consumption - 70W IC Removal Tool 2 x Carbon Filters Power Cord


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