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Aoyue 474A++ Desoldering Station

  • SI-474A-PRO

  • Aoyue

  • SI-474A-PRO

  • SI-474A-PRO

  • Ningbo

  • Security Package

  • TT

  • 1036

474A++ Desoldering Station - For removing leaded components from through hole plated PCB's. Digital control and display of temperature with touch type panel controls for precision and ease of use. Operating Temperature Range 200-480 degreesC Microprocessor-controlled ESD safe equipment. Light Weight Desoldering Gun - Including 3 nozzles and maintenance kit. For removing leaded components from through hole plated PCB's Equipped with air cylinder type vacuum pump for stronger suction and zero-crossing circuit that prevents electrical surges. User configurable 1 to 60 minute idle-to-auto-sleep mode for additional device protection and power saving. UK or Euro Plug. Please Note - When desoldering pads surrounded by large copper ground planes, these will act as heat sinks and dissipate a lot of the heat the desoldering gun is providing. This will result in the solder taking a long while to become molten before de soldering can take place It may also be worth considering raising the localised temperature where the de soldering is taking place with another source of heating to speed up the process such as an infra-red pre-heater or hot air gun Kit Contents: 474A++ Desoldering Station & Gun. 3 x Various size nozzles. Silicone Grease. Spring Filter. Rubber Cartridge Seal. 6 x Ceramic Paper Filters. Cleaning Drill. Cleaning Pin.


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