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Aoyue 1139 - Air Nozzle PLCC Type - 7.3mm x 12.5mm - 18 Pin

  • SI-AN-PLCC-18

  • Aoyue

  • SI-AN-PLCC-18

  • SI-AN-PLCC-18

  • Ningbo

  • Security Package

  • TT

  • 1227

Suitable For Aoyue and Atten Hot Air Guns - also compatible with some Atten, Hakko, Xytronic, Quick, Antex, Kada, Sunnko, Saike, Segawe and Yihua Equipment. Inside Fitting diameter of 22mm Suitable for all Aoyue Hot-Air Repairing Systems Including : 768 Repairing Station 850 Rework Station 850A+ Rework Station 852 Rework Station 852A+ Repairing System 852A++ Repairing System 857 Rework Station 857A++ Rework Station 860 Rework Station 899 Repairing System 899A+ Repairing System 906 Repairing System 908 Repairing System 908+ Repairing System 909 Repairing System 986 Repairing System 986A Repairing System 6028 Repairing System 6031 Repairing System 8032 Hand Held Hot Gun 8032A++ Hand Held Hot Gun 8208 Rework Station 738 Repairing System 2702 Lead Free Repairing System 2702A Lead Free Repairing System 2703A Lead Free Repairing System 2738 Lead Free Repairing System


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