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2 Way WiFi Splitter Unit

  • Ningbo, China

  • Box

  • T/T, D/P


  • Steel Plate

  • Omnidirectional Antenna

  • Directional Antenna

  • Receiving Antenna

  • Weight (grams): 272.0000

  • China

Key Features
  • WiFi Splitters - These units allow you to connect up to 2 antennas to a single access point
  • Impedance balancing - The unit is designed to match the impedance (50ohms) of the antennas and WiFi Device.
  • Quick Install - Easy to install and no manual balancing adjustment required.
  • N-Type Female Connectors - See our Connector Look Up Tables below to check connection type you require.
2 Way WiFi Splitter Unit

2 Way WiFi Splitter Unit

2 Way WiFi Splitter Unit


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