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P156 - Convex Head (150g Heavy Spring)

  • Ningbo, China
  • Box
  • T/T, D/P
  • TP-P156-E-H
  • Test
  • Industrial
  • 150g
  • China
P156 - Large Test Probe - Convex Head - 5Amp 34.1mm Length x 2.36mmØ (150g Heavy Spring)
P156 Series (Light Spring) - Specification
Recommended Min. Center 3.97mm
Full Travel 6.60mm
Spring Pressure (± 20%) 150 grams
Current Rating 5A
Contact Resistance 50 milliohms
Plunger Heat Treated Beryllium Copper Rhodium, plated over hard nickel.
Barrel Brass. Gold Plated
Spring Stainless Steel
Receptacle Brass. Gold Plated
P156 - Convex Head (150g Heavy Spring)

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